4G Systems

Internet has become a requirement for yachts. As technology evolves, so does the necessity of a higher bandwidth to be able to balance the equation. Netflix, Prime Video and many other stream services are some of the hungry comforts that will ask for a fast stable speed.
In Electronica Naval Ibiza we provide the installation and the data required for such necessities. Having over 6 years of experience in 4G installations, we’ve specialised on using the right gear for the right yacht. 
4G has many advantages, but they all come included if the installation is correct. Most yachts use the 4G in the marinas and once they go on anchor, they use a low speed VSAT as the cellular coverage is limited. 
With the right antenna, you could be 10 miles from shore and still get internet faster than VSAT and cheaper.


4G Routers




Poynting Mimo 402

For the greatest performance



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Multiband LTE/GPS/WIFI